Salomé Franz – Skate (Alaia Action Camp)

Salomé Franz – Skateboarding (Action Camp)

Name: Salomé Franz
Discipline: Skateboarding (Action Camp)
Date: 10.-16. July 2022
Attendance: 3rd Camp

What did you like about your camp week?
“I really enjoyed the spirit. There were good vibes and a great atmosphere. Everyone was nice to each other and we all got along well. We were able to push each other up and the coaches helped us to progress and go further.”

Did you make any progress in your skateboarding?
“Yes, definitely. When you’re coached you’re obviously less scared than if you’re on your own. It helps us to improve or learn new tricks and maybe fight the fear more easily when we learn something new.”

What was your best moment this week?
“I really liked the surfing because I haven’t done it for a long time and to get the feeling back was amazing. The evenings were fun too, there was a great atmosphere at the Lodge.”

Finally, what is your message to Alaïa Camps?
“Have fun!”


Kira Pietsch Alaia Surf

Kira Pietsch – Surfing

Name: Kira Pietsch
Sport: Surfing
Date: July 17-23, 2022
Loyalty: 1st camp

How do you like it here at the surf camp?
“It’s super cool ! We do a lot together but we can also have time for ourselves. It’s very fun!”

You now have 7 surf sessions behind you and one more to go, would you say you improved your surfing level this week?
“I surfed once before camp, that didn’t go so great…. But now at camp the Wakiki session is going great! You learn a lot, we also almost always have an extra coach (camp manager) in the water, which is really helpful.”

Besides the surf sessions you also went out on the lake with the SUP’s, wakesurfing as well as skateboarding and trampoline jumping at the Alaia Chalet, how did you like these activities?
“I think it’s so cool that we can try so many different things without it being too much. I also thought about the fact that in other camps you often feel homesick but here you never do; we have so many great activities that you never feel homesick.”

How is the atmosphere at the Camp?
“Very good, we have a lot of fun together (laughs)”.

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