Need a holiday outside of the holidays? Want to share a moment with your friends? A getaway with your school or colleagues while enjoying a maximum of action sports?

We can customise a camp for you and your group of friends (minimum 5 people) on any date outside the school holidays, for a minimum of 2 days. For all children over 8 years old (Alaïa Bay) or over 6 years old (Alaïa Chalet) but also for adults, we create a tailor-made product. Whether you want to include meals, accommodation at Alaïa Lodge, sports coaching or supervision, come and enjoy the range of activities offered by the Alaïa group!

Here everything is under one roof: you can surf, ski, skate, trampoline, wakesurf and almost all in one day!

Just send us an email to and we will personalise your camp for you!

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